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Boundary Information Group (B.I.G.) is a virtual consortium of leading health care consultants improving the value of health care through innovative information management and e-commerce.

Boundary Information Group

BIG EHR consultants have been working since 1995 to provide strategic planning, requirements analysis, system selection, contract negotiation, and implementation support for electronic health records in physician practices and hospitals. BIG consultants have been providing similar support to provider clients for Practice Management Systems (PMS) and Hospital Information Systems (HIS) for more than 20 years.

THE BIG HIPAA consultants have been working since 1992 to formulate the HIPAA legislation, regulations, and implementation. We believe that there is a strong business case to implement HIPAA to increase efficiencies, improve customer satisfaction and increase cash flow, as well as to meet the compliance requirements.

Use BIG as your health care technology consultant team or as your independent "Health Care Technology Brain Trust" to support your strategic plans, technology projects, and workflow improvement.